37 years and 29 trips?

As we packed for our next departure just a week away, we decided to count up all the trips we have taken outside of North America.  29, or maybe 31, depending upon how we count trips — he went to the Republic of Georgia and I went to Armenia; does that count as one or two trips?  I went to Japan in October and he went in November, but on the same teacher program; one or two?  Bottom line: our trips together add up to about 30 trips in 37 years.  And with this blog, we intend to reflect on our next trips, because we are not done traveling yet!

As teachers for a couple decades, we had summers free for travel, albeit cheap travel mostly.  Plus we used all the opportunities we could find to travel on some one else’s dime –teacher study programs abroad, taking students, and various university programs — all in the name of finding adventure, in the big world outside the US.

Now retired after spending the last eight or so years of our careers in jobs that didn’t allow us to travel much.  A week here or there, usually with sun, sand and a couple good books. But now we have the time and luckily the health and resources to feed our desire for more.  Bags packed!


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